Gaming room Tineretului is located between the Tineretului subway stations and Timpuri Noi. As a means of transport there is tram 1 and buses 116, 312, 313, 381, N106 and N112.
Gaming room Socului is located within the Miramar club, which is located in the Mega Mall area and can be reached either by means of bus: 104, 101, 303, 335 or Tramway, 46, 14, 56, 40, 36 .
You can rent a computer for an indefinite period, given that our program is non-stop, you can rent it for as long as your money keeps you.
Can I come with my friends? Sure you do! For reservations call the phone number 021.335.77.05.
Yes, you can play any game you want. Our computers are powerful enough to support any new game.
You need to call us before you come to us if you know that the game is not installed on our computers. If you realize in the room that the game you want to play is not installed, all you need to do is to signal this, and we will take care of its installation.
Yes, but if you talk to us in advance. It is best to give us a call.
The best action to take is to give us a call for further discussions.
Shure thing! all you got to do is give us a call before any arrangements are made.
Yes, you can come to test what our room offers. However, if you are not satisfied with the quality of our services, you will not be required to pay.