Discovery Arena - Socului

Reservations: 0757.81.77.44

Program: NON-STOP

Discovery Arena
Gaming Lounge & Coffee

Discovery - Arena Tineretului

Reservations: 021.335.77.05

Program: NON-STOP

Welcome to Discovery Arena

Discovery Arena - Socului

Probably the best gaming room in Bucharest. With a configuration of top processors and top video cards, we aim to offer you a unique experience.

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PC configuration

The systems we provide to players have the following configuration :
- Intel I770 3.6 GhZ
- Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070
- 16 GB RAM HyperX

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Discovery Arena - Tineretului

We are here for you since 2004 with one of the best-rated gaming centers in the capital. We await for you with one of the most special setting for gamers and a relaxing atmosphere


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Discovery Arena's partners

Discovery Arena's moto is that any customer who walks through our doorstep can feel at home, relaxed, quiet and at the same time safe for himself and his goods. Our thinking is in perspective and in every customer's experience, we provide and deliver from CCTV, High Performance Equipment, Drinks, A place where you can eat, Sweets and all these small details that together create the perfect environment for every customer. However, we would not have been able to achieve this result without reliable and serious partners that contribute on our plan to succeed in making you happy.

Discovery Arena invites you to visit our Facebook page where you can find the gallery with the latest pictures, posts and events that we organize.

If you decide to come to us with several friends, please contact us beforehand for a possible reservation. We thank you!